Bondi Ibiza

    One of the newest additions to the line-up is Caf� Bondi in San Antonio,
    which has a menu laden with organic produce and lip-smackingly tasty,
    hearty fare. Bondi has a prime location by the fountains in San
    Antonio’s busy main square – head for the Egg and you’ll find it just
    behind, in and among that whole row of restaurants. But Bondi stands out
    from the crowd because it offers something entirely new for that area –
    it’s been built around the knowledge that increasingly, people care
    about the quality of what they put into their bodies, and so the menu is
    designed based on organically sourced, local food that’s loaded with
    vitamins and minerals. And yes they still sell things like English
    breakfasts, but the beans are organic and the meat will be from a local
    farm – and it’s these little touches that make all the difference.