Blue Marlin Ibiza Marina

Situated in the heart of the Marina Ibiza, Blue Marlin Ibiza Marina
Cocktail Bar Lounge Restaurant will grace the most refined palates. The
restaurant menu keeps traditional elements of Peruvian cooking alive
while creating a contemporary cuisine. Ceviche, Quinoa recipes and
Tiradito made with sashimi techniques are just some of the delicacies
that await you. Blue Marlin Ibiza Marina is also the best place to have
the ultimate sushi experience. The bar specialises in international
cocktails and boasts unrivalled Champagne and wine lists. Passion fruit,
black cherry, lychee, dragon fruit and lime are just a few ingredients
to mix in your traditionally Peruvian Pisco infusions.

In the morning Blue Marlin Ibiza Marina invites you to come and try the
delights of a truly healthy breakfast. Yogurt with homemade granola,
fresh fruit, organic eggs and detox juices, the choice – from
Continental to full English breakfast – is infinite but with one sole
purpose: only healthy and natural products that will undoubtedly awake
your senses under the glorious sun.

In the evening Blue Marlin Ibiza Marina will delight you with aperitif
cocktails and live DJ sets to get your evening started while the
Peruvian delicacies will be the perfect combination to spice up your
night surrounded by the Ibiza Marina’s majestic yachts in a unique
rarefied ambiance.