Atzaro Restaurant Ibiza

Ibiza is full of memorable locations, places that etch themselves on
your brain, memories that remain with you for a lifetime and dinner in
the garden of this stunning hotel is one of them.

Essential Ibiza was delighted to accept Atzaro hotel manager Alex’s
invitation to join him in tasting their exclusive menu, elastic waste
band at the ready we headed into the countryside for one of Ibiza’s
genuine treasures.

The ambience in the garden restaurant of Atzaro instantly puts you at
ease, unusual for true five star surroundings. The friendly staff has no
airs or graces, just a confidence that what you are about to experience
will leave a lasting impression.

What follows is hard to do justice in simple print; we are treated to
larger than normal sample portions of some of the restaurants
specialties. The idea apparently is to enjoy a taste of each dish,
however, I would challenge any of you to take a couple of fork filled
nibbles and then push your plate away!! The food is delicious, the
presentation is exquisite and our will power is tested to the max.

Fresh fish, Ibicecan chicken and succulent beef are just some of the
stunning dishes that we are treated to, each plate bringing with it a
plethora of complimentary flavours, washed down by deep red wine and
flowing conversation as we debate everything from traditional Ibiza, the
development of the hotel and the hotels ability to hold on to its highly
trained, professional and friendly staff. By the time the selection of
desserts lands on the table, the elastic waste bands are tested to the

Atzaro is fine dining with a twist, it’s unconventional in its choice of
dishes and it’s a breath of fresh air because of it. Whether you want to
eat sushi, a choice cut of beef or some traditional wild chicken from
Ibiza, or all of them. Atzaro takes our expectations, surpasses them and
makes us feel like a part of their family while they do so.