Frank Weyrauther, affectionately known as Phrank by friends and
    colleagues, is a master at being in the right place at the right time.
    His knowledge and feeling for the club scene on the island, coupled with
    the trust that promoters, club owners and artists have in him, has
    resulted in him capturing some of the island’s most seminal moments.

    German born Phrank now resides in Ibiza, after initially holidaying on
    the island in 1996, it took only two years for him to come to the
    conclusion that this is where he wanted to live. Originally a graphic
    designer, Phrank was inspired by UK magazines such as Mixmag and began
    taking pictures of the early techno scene in Germany. Once on the
    island, Phrank began smuggling his camera into the clubs to capture
    images, nowadays he is one of the island’s most trusted club