Nic Jauncey

    A chance meeting with a respected photographer, and their subsequent
    positive comments about his snaps encouraged Nic Jauncey to take his
    camera more seriously. Taking pictures became something of an obsession
    fuelled by passion that eventually tuned into a profession as he
    successfully built up his wedding photography business in the UK.

    A self confessed techno geek, NIc has a thing for gadgets, electronic
    ones at that and this led him into spherical photography. Capturing an
    image a full 360 x 180 degrees before using his beloved Apple to turn
    these images into a fluent journey through them. It takes the single
    image and delivers it on a completely different level.

    After a brief visit to the island during the winter, he fell in love
    with its beauty, the light and the attitude of its inhabitants and
    decided there and then to swap the long dark days of the winter in the
    UK for the much more upbeat and positive vibe of Ibiza. He has delivered
    numerous spherical portraits of seminal venues on the island already and
    is the creative director on