60 Seconds with Nic Jauncey

    After a brief visit to the island for the first time last winter, NIc
    Jauncey decided that Ibiza was where he wanted to live and take his
    pictures. Essentialibiza catches up with him to get the low down…

    Why did you move to Ibiza?

    The Midlands or Ibiza, it’s a tough one! I came here for the first time
    during the winter and thought wow this place is amazing so came back in
    the spring and decided to do everything possible to make this my home.

    What inspired you to become a photographer?

    Simply I love images, they enable us to capture a moment forever, it’s
    been said ‘A picture can say 1,000 words’ which is great for me as my
    vocabulary is limited and I like to share the things I see. I’ve been
    taking photographs as long as I can remember but the turning point to take
    up photography as a profession followed a chance meeting with a very well
    respected photographer who liked my ‘snaps’ and this gave me the
    confidence to learn more about the art and take it further.

    Do you specialize in any particular type of photography, if so, which?

    I love all types of photography however I’m now really into spherical
    photography, whereby I capture a full 360 x 180 degree image, this is a
    very technical process and I enjoy the challenges. I was a wedding
    photographer for a number of years before moving into spherical images
    although and I still lend my lens when asked.

    What is it about Ibiza that appeals to photographers?

    With a great climate we get lots of brilliant natural light and the island
    holds so much natural beauty, it’s a truly amazing place to capture a

    How does the island inspire you?

    That’s easy, sunshine, good food and the people. People here are so happy
    and making the most of life, the island is awash with smiles.

    Ibiza is a magical place; is the balance between the spiritual and
    hedonistic what makes the island unique?

    Ibiza is definitely unique! There is a magic here that can’t be replicated
    or explained, it’s like it all ‘feels’ good. There is a fine point of
    balance between spiritual and hedonistic that is simply perfect. Many
    people come to Ibiza and go totally hedonistic and it’s like the island
    gives off even more spiritual energy to compensate and bring balance.
    Ibiza is more than a place; it’s a way of life.

    Given that balance, does Ibiza offer two different worlds for a
    photographer to capture?

    There are many worlds here for me and my lens, there is the beautiful
    landscape, the fantastic architecture and then there is the people, a real
    cultural mix of people, both in and out of the club scene almost everyone
    has an expression of happiness, all this blends for great images.

    Which do you prefer?

    I have little preference; I enjoy the energy of the clubs and parties even
    if the brilliant light shows cause me photographic nightmares.

    What makes a good picture?

    Anything that makes someone go ‘wow’, obviousy good composition and
    lighting come into play but it’s all about telling a ‘story’ in a single

    What’s the strangest thing you’ve witnessed through your lens?

    I’d rather not go into details however it did involve a bucket of water, a
    football and some fireworks!

    Which person, dead or alive, would you like to photograph?

    Al Pacino but about 15 years ago, the guy is the king of cool with such a
    range of facial expressions, I think he would make a photo shoot so

    Photographers are notoriously self conscious about appearing in front on
    the camera, why is that?

    Hard to say although I do agree, maybe it’s a control issue. Personally,
    from what I’ve seen I’m not too photogenic, hey they call me the crazy
    barnet for a reason!