60 Seconds with Morten Vilhelm Keller

    Morten has lived and worked all over the world, Essentialibiza find out
    what it is about IBiza that keeps him on the island

    Why did you move to Ibiza?

    Work, family and pleasure.

    What inspired you to become a photographer?

    The photography of my father J.R Keith Keller, Irwing Penn and Peter

    Do you specialize in any particular type of photography, if so, which?

    Nature studies, details, people and reflections.

    What is it about Ibiza that appeals to photographers?

    Again it’s the diversity, I call it Little Big Island.

    How does the island inspire you?

    Just by being here, capturing moments.

    Ibiza is a magical place; is the balance between the spiritual and
    hedonistic what makes the island unique?

    Indeed, that’s a good way of putting it. It does make you feel good and in
    touch with your spirituality.

    Given that balance, does Ibiza offer two different worlds for a
    photographer to capture?

    In my view there is no division, it’s all just one big exploding

    What makes a good picture?

    Substance, and then it does not matter what it is.

    What’s the strangest thing you’ve witnessed through your lens?

    Nothing is truly strange in nature, mysterious perhaps. But people do
    strange things and I’ve captured quite a lot of curious behaviour.

    Which person, dead or alive, would you like to photograph?

    Charlie Chaplin – he had the most expressive face.

    Photographers are notoriously self conscious about appearing in front on
    the camera, why is that?

    Well, guess that it’s because they want to be the observers, not the
    observed. However, I actually do know some photographers who are excellent