60 Seconds with Gypsy Westwood

    We caught up with Gypsy and asked her how she came to live on Ibiza, how
    she became a photographer, and what it is about Ibiza that inspires her
    to create the beautiful images she is known for.

    Why did you move to Ibiza?

    I was born and brought up in Ibiza, despite living in the UK for 12
    years(from the age of 12-24) Ibiza has always been my home.

    What inspired you to become a photographer?

    My Father is a photographer, so I think it must be in the genes! He gave
    me my first camera at 14, a camera which had been one of his first too.
    Through my studies and my travels, photography just became part of my
    life until eventually I was making a living from it.

    Do you specialize in any particular type of photography, if so, which?

    I would say I am at my best with portraits and wedding photography.

    What is it about Ibiza that appeals to photographers?

    The light, the lifestyle, the magic.

    How does the island inspire you?

    It is home, a beautiful home. The air, the country roads, the beaches,
    they make me feel happy and settled.

    Ibiza is a magical place; is the balance between the spiritual and
    hedonistic what makes the island unique?

    Isn’t it just a magical place? It obviously has something amazing about
    it, whether it is set in the stars or the people or the island, there is
    a magic that made everyone come here in the late 50’s/60’s and has kept
    them coming!!

    Given that balance, does Ibiza offer two different worlds for a
    photographer to capture?

    I think if you are here for the clubs and parties that’s where you will
    be taking your photos. If you get out and see the rest of the island you
    will be surprised by the beauty there is to photograph out there! So yes
    there are two different worlds.

    Which do you prefer?

    I am not much of a raver. In the summer… and the winter the beaches
    are much more my world!

    What makes a good picture?

    Good composition. Catching a moment, a feeling, a character.

    What’s the strangest thing you’ve witnessed through your lens?

    That sounds too adventurous for me!!

    Photographers are notoriously self conscious about appearing in front on
    the camera, why is that?

    It’s a good place to hide and maybe it is just our tool for expressing