60 Seconds with Dan Reid

    There’s probably not an a-list DJ working today that Dan Reid has captured with his lens, he is a popular photographer with the artists that come through Ibiza because he understands what they need and he knows how to deliver an amazing shot. Essentialibiza grabbed Dan for a chat about the work he loves…

    Victor Spinelli

    Victor Spinelli is one of Ibiza’s most celebrated photographers. With two books under his belt – ‘Manumission Reflections’ and ‘Camera Verit’ – not to mention publishing credits that range from Newsweek and National Geographic Traveller to Cosmo and Playboy, the list of his achievements is as long as it is credible.

    60 Seconds with Victor Spinelli

    We caught up with Victor to find out what made him choose to live in Ibiza and what it is about the island that inspires him

    Dan Reid

    Dan Reid has combined his passion for photography with a talent, enthusiasm and determination that has seen him carve out a successful career with his camera. From early outings assisting on shoots for the likes of The Manic Street Preachers, Reef and Macy Gray, Dan’s ability behind the camera was recognized, leading to him contributing to leading dance title DJ Magazine.

    Morten Vilhelm Keller

    Morten Vilhelm Keller is a man of many creative talents, a photographer, composer, musician, collage artist and writer, the Danish born talent has numerous platforms through which to express himself. As a photographer he is an integral part of Ibiza, capturing many facets of the island and, more recently delivering photographs for the launch issue of Space Magazine.

    Gypsy Westwood

    Gypsy Westwood is one of Ibiza’s most celebrated photographers. She has a unique understanding of the island and an ability to capture it through her images. She is the island’s go to wedding photographer but is equally at home delivering portraits and many other disciplines.

    60 Seconds with Nic Jauncey

    After a brief visit to the island for the first time last winter, NIc Jauncey decided that Ibiza was where he wanted to live and take his pictures. Essentialibiza catches up with him to get the low down…

    60 Seconds with Morten Vilhelm Keller

    Morten has lived and worked all over the world, Essentialibiza find out what it is about IBiza that keeps him on the island

    Ana Lui

    Originally from Poland, Ana Lui studied Media Arts and photography in the UK before deciding on Ibiza as her home. The well-travelled photographer cites the beauty of the island and the people who live there as a huge inspiration in her creativity. Ana is one of the island’s most celebrated photographers.

    Nic Jauncey

    A chance meeting with a respected photographer, and their subsequent positive comments about his snaps encouraged Nic Jauncey to take his camera more seriously. Taking pictures became something of an obsession fuelled by passion that eventually tuned into a profession as he successfully built up his wedding photography business in the UK.


    Frank Weyrauther, affectionately known as Phrank by friends and colleagues, is a master at being in the right place at the right time. His knowledge and feeling for the club scene on the island, coupled with the trust that promoters, club owners and artists have in him, has resulted in him capturing some of the island’s most seminal moments.

    60 Seconds with Gypsy Westwood

    We caught up with Gypsy and asked her how she came to live on Ibiza, how she became a photographer, and what it is about Ibiza that inspires her to create the beautiful images she is known for.