Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

    Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel opened on the back of a marketing campaign that promised that it was the hotel that would change everything, a bold statement but one that now seems completely justified. The hotel has raised the bar on service, and facilities as well as bringing outdoor clubbing back into the Ibiza clubbing make up. Ushuaia offers a unique clubbing experience under the stars, with many of the worlds biggest stars occupying one of the daily spots. The huge stage and iconic booth is surrounded by massive screens that show some of the most intricate visuals, adding to the experience. When it comes to the VIP option, it is also a step above, your own bar on a raised area overlooking the floor is the perfect spot for getting a great view of what is going on, there are luxury cabanas running alongside the pool which makes for a great base for your adventure. Bottle service and your own area to dance offers you a private club where some of the best DJs on the planet are holding court! For those that prefer to feel part of the action, there are tables right at the edge of the dancefloor so you are always in the heart of the action, without being squashed or having to go to the bar. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the comfort of the VIP but also the vibrant atmosphere that this amazing venue provides.