Hacienda Na Xamena

    Choosing your Ibiza hotel can be one of the most important decisions of your holiday. When it comes to what people look for in a holiday base, the answers are as many as they are varied – luxury, authenticity, comfort, spectacular views, relaxing vibe, world class spa facilities, delicious dining options – the list goes on and on. Depending on which of these is most important to you, the island offers a range of establishments that specialise in one or more of these. There are, however, very few that can boast all of the above the way the five star Hacienda Na Xamena does. To stay at the Hacienda Na Xamena is not so much a holiday as it is an all out attack on all of your senses where you are surrounded by the living embodiment of the soul of Ibiza

    Polish born Belgian architect Daniel Lipszyc and his wife fell in love with the island and in 1969, they began the construction of what we know to be Hacienda Na Xamena today. The vision to integrate a stylish accommodation into the existing landscape and natural surrounding beauty is even more extraordinary when you consider that there were no roads, water, electricity or telephone lines and anyone that has driven to the hotel recently will appreciate the magnitude of the achievement to turn that vision into one of the best hotel experiences on any island! The hotel first opened its doors in 1971, with the construction of the hotel also promoting the development of the neighbouring Na Xamena urbanisation. The hotel won its fifth star in 1988 on the back of its unique warm and friendly atmosphere, attentive staff and elegant design and facilities, making it one of the most popular destinations for the informed traveller visiting the island. It has become one of the best known five star hotels on the island through the glowing reports from previous guests as well as starring in numerous movies and stylish magazine photo shoots.

    The Hacienda Na Xamena remains in the hands of the Lipszyc family, with son Alvar and his wife Sabine embracing the original simplicity of its founder, bringing the pace back to the experience and respecting the natural environment that surrounds it. If you have a desire to get in touch with your emotions and a love for the natural beauty of the outdoors, then there is no better place for you to base yourself for your Ibiza experience. Hacienda Na Xamena offers a range of packages and activities designed to reawaken your five senses, using the living soul of Ibiza to allow you to be reborn during your stay. The Hacienda Na Xamena is more than somewhere to sleep while you are on the island, it is the key to unlocking the soul of the island and to embrace the natural beauty while enjoying a level of comfort and pleasure you have previously only dreamed of.