Can Marti

    Can Marti is one of Ibiza’s original agrotourismos that paved the way for countless fincas to open their rustic old doors as small and intimate hotels. Charming, picturesque and set in an inland paradise, it’s a delight for those bored of slick modern hotels and clean angular lines. Packed with personality, with four bespoke apartments and a menagerie of animals; it’s an ecologically run farm. The real agrotourismo concept, sometimes now forgotten, sees a small rural hotel farming the land. Can Marti’s orchards and vegetable gardens dish fruit and veg direct to your plate, and while the hole in the ozone layer has been expanding, the Brantschens have been doing more than their bit using renewable energy sources. Solar energy produces nearly all their hot water and creates electricity, organic waste is turned into compost, and the 17 hectare farm is home to chickens and donkeys and is filled with herbs, spices, and the most exquisite tiny flowers. As soon as you leave the car, wafts of lavender and rosemary caught on the breeze are enough to detract you from the strains of modern living.