Food & Drink

    Ibiza has been occupied numerous times throughout its history, from the Phoenicians in 645BC to the Greeks, the Assyrians, the vandals, the Byzantine’s and much more recently the clubbers from all over the world who flock to the island annually to satisfy their thirst for electronic music. It’s fair to say that electronic dance music put the island on the map to the generation who occupy it for a few months every summer but that is slowly but surely changing. Ibiza has become a haven for global foodies, the cuisine is becoming as famous as the music and the talented chef’s who control their kitchens like the superstar DJ’s who hold court from the DJ booth, are driving the food scene forward dramatically.

    The last few years has seen Ibiza reach for and grasp a whole new level, more and more tourists are visiting the island and the island has responded, offering a wider selection of restaurants and food and drink experiences than ever before. Global restaurant brands mix effortlessly with single operators, all making a contribution to the wider Island tapestry. As you would imagine, for an island as creative as Ibiza, the people who have been inspired to make it more than a holiday destination are also bringing their individual thinking to the table, resulting in a string of new and exciting concepts within the food and drink arena. The Essentialibiza Food and Drink platform not only highlights the unique restaurant experiences and services that are available on the island but also the people behind them. From the chefs going that extra mile in the kitchen on our behalf to the talented bakers and their unique take on cupcakes to the mixologists and their constant search for the perfect flavour combination. The food and drink scene in Ibiza is thriving and attracting many tourists to the island, we believe it is our duty to make sure we bring them to your attention.

    Can Rich

    Can Rich is a family business which works as a team. The respect for the homeland, the tradition and the sensitivity are the foundation of the project. You will notice the essence and affection of this project in the wine. The founder was Vicente Riera and these days his son Juan Riera and his wife Stella Gonzlez lead this project further. Technical Director is Antonio Costa whit the support of the winemaker Blanca Ozcariz. The wines produced in Can Rich are a tribute to the first men and women who ploughed the land on Ibiza, the Phoenicians, who brought wine production with them to the island

    Silver Bar Ibiza

    is home to some of the world’s premier brands, whether it is hotels, restaurants, bars, beach clubs, clubbing venues or clubbing brands, the island provides the perfect synergy with the elite of their profession. But going out is not the only thing in which the island excels, with stunning villas and apartments dotted around the island providing idyllic spots from which to plan your Ibiza adventure, sometimes it’s nice to stay in! Silver Bar Ibiza is one of those services that turns a night in with friends into a night to remember, providing bar options and cocktails that turn a few drinks into a glamorous cocktail party.

    Cook Ibiza

    Cook Ibiza offers a delicious BBQ service in the comfort of your villa. No matter what the occasion, Cook Ibiza’s team can deliver a menu to match, using years of culinary experience to bring your party to fruition. With imagination and skill making it a unique BBQ experience, Cook Ibiza will make you the envy of your friends, turning any gathering into a lavish feast. Simon Johnstone and his Cook Ibiza team is acutely aware of what it takes to make any event special and goes that extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you want, at the very least. It has spent the last couple of years exceeding expectations. After the initial consultation, where client input is encouraged, Cook Ibiza will deliver on flavour and at the agreed price. Cook Ibiza can also make sure you arrive at your holiday villa with a full larder and fridge, including pre-cooked meals, if required, leaving you free to relax and make the most of your trip without having to worry about supplies.

    The Flying Fish

    The Flying Fish is the latest concept from Ibiza party kings The Flying Pig. Having established itself as a one stop party shop on the island, offering you the ability to plan your own party but using the Flying Pig for elements of the party you might not have or indeed, sitting back and letting them deliver a truly professional service and host your event, The Flying Pig has reacted to one of the regular requests and produced another exciting concept, The Flying Fish. With exactly the same level of service as the Flying Pig and a choice of delicious fare from the sea, it promises to be another successful to the Flying stable as it continues to invite the island to Click-Click-Party!

    Payesa Ibiza

    Payesa Ibiza’, a completely natural beer that is made with the water of Ibiza, 7% in alcoholic volume, named after the Payesa’, who were traditional Ibicencan farmwomen. They wore distinctive outfits to work on the land, with probably the most noticeable feature being their wide-brimmed hats with long material hanging from the back. The distinctive bottle contains a product that not only tastes refreshing but is 100% natural, no chemicals or additives. It uses the water from the hills of San Rafael, giving back to the island that inspired it. Ibiza is never slow to embrace its own and with a genuine desire to give back to the island and support the farmers, Payesa has not wasted any time in amassing a huge local following. Next up is the massive tourist trade that visits the island and with the beer being stocked in many of the island’s favourite venues already, that is only a matter if time.

    8o8 Whisky

    Chances are, if you’re queuing at the bar of a club and pondering what drink to get, whisky wouldn’t be the first thing that crossed your mind. It’s long been associated with old guys wearing tweed jackets, who go fox hunting on Sundays and come home brandishing a rifle in one hand and a carcass in the other before settling down in front of a roaring fire. Perhaps that’s a stereotype but it’s undeniable there are certain characteristics attached to the discerning whisky drinker. Now though, that all that’s about to change, because a brand new whisky brand called 8o8 is about to come to a club near you, and it’s all set to blow your perceptions of the drink out the water. Prepare to sample and savour a truly sexed up version of whisky as you know it.