WhiteWater is the latest addition to the extensive range of beverages that are available in Ibiza. At first reading it may seem like yet another water option but White Water is so much more. The illuminating bottle will not only catch your eye but deliver a refreshing taste as the spring water filled with just the right amount of electrolytes and caffeine to give you a natural lift. In their own words the tattoo on the top of the bottle incorporates waves representing white water in it’s literal sense and yin and yang, which we feel is very reflective of the contrasting appeal of Ibiza – day/ night, fire/ water, femininity/ masculinity, all of that. In other words, it seemed right for an island that is paradise by day and parties like nowhere else, by night. Look out for the illuminated WhiteWater bars at events across Ibiza, recent appearances at the IMS Grand Finale and the Gatecrasher opening party, were hugely successful as Ibiza was introduced to an exciting new beverage that is set to make a massive impact this summer.