Payesa Ibiza

    Payesa Ibiza’, a completely natural beer that is made with the water of
    Ibiza, 7% in alcoholic volume, named after the Payesa’, who were
    traditional Ibicencan farmwomen. They wore distinctive outfits to work
    on the land, with probably the most noticeable feature being their
    wide-brimmed hats with long material hanging from the back. The
    distinctive bottle contains a product that not only tastes refreshing
    but is 100% natural, no chemicals or additives. It uses the water from
    the hills of San Rafael, giving back to the island that inspired it.
    Ibiza is never slow to embrace its own and with a genuine desire to give
    back to the island and support the farmers, Payesa has not wasted any
    time in amassing a huge local following. Next up is the massive tourist
    trade that visits the island and with the beer being stocked in many of
    the island’s favourite venues already, that is only a matter if time.