Ibizkus Ibiza

    Ibiza is well known for many things, the most obvious being the clubbing community it attracts on an annual basis. More recently, it has become a popular destination for foodies from all over the world; the string of new operators and some famous brands has combined to raise the food and drink options to a while new level. One thing it has never been at the forefront of is the world’s wine growing labels, certainly many of the top vineyards are well represented on the shelves of the islands restaurants but as far as Ibiza as a place to produce top quality wine, that hasn’t been the case, until now.

    Frenchman Laurent Fresard has been in the wine business for as long as he can remember. Sourcing and selling top quality wine has been his business with a dream of producing his own wine one day. Well, that day is now, the wine is called Ibizkus and he is producing it right here in Ibiza, with the help of the Payeses and the vines of Monastrell. Ibizkus is instantly recognizable through it’s distinctive bottle, with long neck and unique top. The rose and red are making quite a name for themselves, on and off the island.