Ibiza Delivers

has become one of the most valuable services on the island, especially
for those who choose to rent a villa or who spend most of their time on
their yacht. Getting to and from the supermarket is not always easy and
having the ability to order whatever you need and have it brought to you
is more than a luxury! The popular service offers a wide range of
products, from food and drink, to cleaning materials, whatever you need,
they are bound to have it.

The recently launched same day service has become one of its most
popular, giving the customer increased flexibility, deciding one the day
what they would like to eat for lunch and/ or dinner. Of course, being
Ibiza, the drinks delivery service always gets used, supplying before,
during and even after the party. The service is comprehensive and comes
with many perks for its members; Ibiza Delivers once brought a bouquet
of flowers to Formentera for one client! Villas is still the biggest
bulk of the business but the Yacht Provisions service has really taken
off recently and it has also started delivering imported French wines to
many of the island’s restaurants.