Blazing Sorbets

    BLAZING SORBETS is set to cause a refreshing splash on the White Isle this summer, turning your favourite cocktails into a frosty palette pleaser while retaining all of its alcoholic properties – something that has never been done before on this level. Imagine yourself partying underneath the sun at one of your favourite beach clubs while being able to enjoy the amazing flavours and gentle kick of your favourite tipple in frozen form?

    Containing up to 44.5% volume, for the first time ever the BLAZING SORBETS team has figured out how to freeze alcohol to such a high number with a groundbreaking biochemistry concept that took six years of research and innovative thinking to change the chemical rules that have limited competitors in the market. Other, similar products have previously only reached around 5% volume, making this a very exciting new discovery. Even better, unlike many of our favourite alcoholic cocktails, the BLAZING SORBET recipe is fat and sugar-free, making it a healthier option than many other concoctions. This, in turn, means less severe hangovers and no guilt for having consumed a whole dinner’s worth of calories in drinks during a party!