8o8 Whisky

    Chances are, if you’re queuing at the bar of a club and pondering what drink to get, whisky wouldn’t be the first thing that crossed your mind. It’s long been associated with old guys wearing tweed jackets, who go fox hunting on Sundays and come home brandishing a rifle in one hand and a carcass in the other before settling down in front of a roaring fire. Perhaps that’s a stereotype but it’s undeniable there are certain characteristics attached to the discerning whisky drinker. Now though, that all that’s about to change, because a brand new whisky brand called 8o8 is about to come to a club near you, and it’s all set to blow your perceptions of the drink out the water. Prepare to sample and savour a truly sexed up version of whisky as you know it.

    The man behind this new smoother than silk tipple is gregarious former DJ, Ministry of Sound pioneer, producer and songwriter, Tommy Danvers, who having conquered the music industry at least a thousand times over (he’s worked with Jay-Z, Beyonc, Kanye and Kylie, no less) decided to turn his jack of all trades spirit towards creating a new whisky brand in celebration of the wonder of dance music.