Food & Drink

    Ibiza has been occupied numerous times throughout its history, from the Phoenicians in 645BC to the Greeks, the Assyrians, the vandals, the Byzantine’s and much more recently the clubbers from all over the world who flock to the island annually to satisfy their thirst for electronic music. It’s fair to say that electronic dance music put the island on the map to the generation who occupy it for a few months every summer but that is slowly but surely changing. Ibiza has become a haven for global foodies, the cuisine is becoming as famous as the music and the talented chef’s who control their kitchens like the superstar DJ’s who hold court from the DJ booth, are driving the food scene forward dramatically.

    The last few years has seen Ibiza reach for and grasp a whole new level, more and more tourists are visiting the island and the island has responded, offering a wider selection of restaurants and food and drink experiences than ever before. Global restaurant brands mix effortlessly with single operators, all making a contribution to the wider Island tapestry. As you would imagine, for an island as creative as Ibiza, the people who have been inspired to make it more than a holiday destination are also bringing their individual thinking to the table, resulting in a string of new and exciting concepts within the food and drink arena. The Essentialibiza Food and Drink platform not only highlights the unique restaurant experiences and services that are available on the island but also the people behind them. From the chefs going that extra mile in the kitchen on our behalf to the talented bakers and their unique take on cupcakes to the mixologists and their constant search for the perfect flavour combination. The food and drink scene in Ibiza is thriving and attracting many tourists to the island, we believe it is our duty to make sure we bring them to your attention.

    The Ibiza Catering

    The Ibiza Catering offers your event a personalized menu, made from the finest local ingredients, exquisitely presented ensuring you make the ultimate impression. Whether you are hosting a private villa dinner, celebrating a special anniversary, a festive event on the water or the most important day of your life, your wedding, The Ibiza Catering offers a range of custom built solutions with a dedicated and professional team to turn your dream into reality.

    Law Gin

    Founded by friends and gin enthusiasts Alexander and Luna von Eisenhart Rothe and Wolfgang Lettner, LAW Premium Dry Gin is an authentic Ibizan labour of love. Trying to capture the flavour of the White Isle, the trio decided to use only organic local produce including two different types of juniper, prickly pear, cucumber, Pimiento Padron and fresh citrus fruits to bottle the essence of Ibiza. Distilled in ancient copper alembics following the ancient Hispanic methods of craftsmanship, LAW is produced in small batches with each bottle filled and packaged by hand.

    Cardamom Events Ibiza

    Cardamom began life as a restaurant in Ibiza in 2003, before evolving into a professional events, catering and production company. Its multi-lingual planning team works all year round exceeding the expectations of its numerous clients and producing innovative and exciting ideas tailored to individual events, whether that be corporate, private or an island wedding. With an acute understanding of the events industry as well as a proven record for successfully operating in the challenging environment of Ibiza, the team has amassed a unique network both on and off the island that ensures every element of your event is delivered to perfection.


    WhiteWater is the latest addition to the extensive range of beverages that are available in Ibiza. At first reading it may seem like yet another water option but White Water is so much more. The illuminating bottle will not only catch your eye but deliver a refreshing taste as the spring water filled with just the right amount of electrolytes and caffeine to give you a natural lift. In their own words the tattoo on the top of the bottle incorporates waves representing white water in it’s literal sense and yin and yang, which we feel is very reflective of the contrasting appeal of Ibiza – day/ night, fire/ water, femininity/ masculinity, all of that. In other words, it seemed right for an island that is paradise by day and parties like nowhere else, by night. Look out for the illuminated WhiteWater bars at events across Ibiza, recent appearances at the IMS Grand Finale and the Gatecrasher opening party, were hugely successful as Ibiza was introduced to an exciting new beverage that is set to make a massive impact this summer.

    Blazing Sorbets

    BLAZING SORBETS is set to cause a refreshing splash on the White Isle this summer, turning your favourite cocktails into a frosty palette pleaser while retaining all of its alcoholic properties – something that has never been done before on this level. Imagine yourself partying underneath the sun at one of your favourite beach clubs while being able to enjoy the amazing flavours and gentle kick of your favourite tipple in frozen form?

    Ibizkus Ibiza

    Ibiza is well known for many things, the most obvious being the clubbing community it attracts on an annual basis. More recently, it has become a popular destination for foodies from all over the world; the string of new operators and some famous brands has combined to raise the food and drink options to a while new level. One thing it has never been at the forefront of is the world’s wine growing labels, certainly many of the top vineyards are well represented on the shelves of the islands restaurants but as far as Ibiza as a place to produce top quality wine, that hasn’t been the case, until now.

    The Flying Pig

    The Flying Pig is a unique catering concept that offers a one-stop shop, no matter what your event needs. From a keg of beer to a slow roasting pig in a specially designed glass rotisserie delivered to your event, whether it be an apartment, a villa or a boat to the complete planning and organization of your event, Flying Pig is equipped to exceed expectations. The party concept doesn’t stop at the catering, sound and lighting, staff for the event, entertainment, security and even transport shuttle services are all available.

    Ibiza Delivers

    has become one of the most valuable services on the island, especially for those who choose to rent a villa or who spend most of their time on their yacht. Getting to and from the supermarket is not always easy and having the ability to order whatever you need and have it brought to you is more than a luxury! The popular service offers a wide range of products, from food and drink, to cleaning materials, whatever you need, they are bound to have it.

    Cupcake Collection Ibiza

    Who doesn’t like a cupcake? The sweet treat has become one of the most sought after baked good on the planet, transforming itself from a simple delight to be picked up at the bakery and enjoyed with a cuppa to the must have accessory to the coolest events. From weddings to fashion shows, the simple cup cake has become an important addition, with designs becoming more and more complex, depending on the function. The cupcake has even broken into the wedding market, challenging the traditional cake.