Yousef – Ibiza DJ – Profile

Yousef is one of the most popular DJs on the international circuit; his
unique style has earned him plaudits throughout clubland. From his
native Liverpool, where he promotes his own party Circus to the unlikely
Syria, where he became the first international DJ to play, he has an
ability to capture the imagination of the crowd and lead them on a
musical journey.

No matter what he sets his mind to, Yousef applies an enthusiasm and
determination that ensure he delivers to the very highest standard. From
DJ to producer to label owner to promoter, Yousef has made a significant
contribution to his chosen profession. As a DJ Yousef’s only problem is
keeping up with the demand of his diary, such is his demand around the
world, from new clubs and cities keen to hear him play to those who have
already had the pleasure that are keen to have him return.

His legendary party, Circus, has been showcasing his own talents as well
as some of the world’s finest DJs for almost a decade, delivering never
to be forgotten experiences to a generation of clubbers. In the studio,
he has delivered.