Steeve Valverde – Ibiza DJ – Profile

Originally from the Caribbean, Steeve Valverde knew the instant he set
foot on the island that it would be his home. Aesthetically it reminded
him of his homeland but there was a freedom of spirit that he at once
connected with and has never left the island since, apart from now and
then to fulfil his busy winter DJ diary.

During the season he is the sole resident in Es Paradis in San Antonio,
warming up for the numerous parties that reside there. His vast music
collection and an ability to adapt to whichever party is on makes him
invaluable to the club.

Steeve doesn’t know the meaning of the word relax during the summer
season, working every single night but on the odd occasion he gets soe
time to himself you will find him and his mates roaring through the
Ibiza countryside on their quad bikes, exploring and discovering new
parts of the paradise he now calls home.