Smokin Jo – Ibiza DJ – Profile

    It’s 1990 and after attending early raves and illegal parties, an
    enthusiastic Jo is smitten with the euphoria that is sweeping through
    the youth of the UK. She has the bug and, noticing the lack of female
    DJs at the forefront of this musical movement, decides to buy a set of
    turntables and learn to mix.

    It’s while working in the Gaultier shop in London’s Soho district that
    she makes her first mix tapes, giving them to friends and customers to
    get a response to her efforts, resulting in early appearances playing at
    fashion show after parties around the city before making her debut at
    the legendary Trade party in Turnmills in 1991. Taking her name from
    boxer ‘Smoking Joe Frazier’, in an attempt to mask her female identity,
    Jo went about building her reputation, trading solely on her ability to
    spin. Smokin Jo would become a regular throughout the UK’s finer venues,
    playing at the likes of Puscha, Tribal Gathering, Back To Basics, Cream
    and Full Circle, to name only a few, earning her the DJ Magazines much
    coveted ‘DJ Of The Year Award’, the only female DJ to have won the

    1993 sees Jo make her debut in Ibiza, when the club scene on the island
    is still in its infancy, playing in Amnesia, Ku (Privilege) and Pacha as
    well as throughout the island at exclusive villa parties. Nowadays Jo
    resides in Space on a Sunday with We Love and has become an integral
    part of the legendary islands musical tapestry, her understanding of
    underground dance music coupled with an ability to make people dance has
    seen her become one of the most popular spinners on the island.