Pete Gooding – Ibiza DJ – Profile

From the minute he was sneaked into Amnesia under age at just 15, Pete
Gooding fell in love with dance music, the idea of becoming a DJ and the
island of Ibiza. Fast forward a few years and he has turned that first
experience into his way of life. He now lives on the island,
successfully produces dance music and delivers energy filled sets to
adoring dancefloors throughout the world.

It’s one thing declaring what you want to do and it’s a much longer,
tougher track realizing said ambition, Pete is in an enviable position
but there’s no one that could or would say he hasn’t worked hard to get
there. Countless energy in his tank, he lives and breathes music,
whether he is checking out new productions of fellow studio impresarios
around the world, presenting his global radio show, travelling to gigs
in the four corners of the world, writing about the music he loves or
chatting enthusiastically about a world he can’t get enough of, this is
a man completely at one with his life and having the most fun along the

Pete spent numerous long hours behind the Caf Mambo turntables between
1996 and 2006, and he can still be found there this summer on occasion,
delivering musical journeys to compliment the island’s beautiful sunset.
He plays throughout the island and indeed the world.

Recording as one half of Doman & Gooding, collaborating with
Afterlife on No Logo as well as working with Chris Coco, Pete dedicate a
great deal of his time to the studio, delivering tracks to inspire the
next generation as well as making the current one dance.