Nightmares On Wax – Ibiza DJ – Profile

    George Evelyn, aka Nightmares on Wax, aka DJ E.A.S.E, first hit the
    island of Ibiza in 1988, leaving the UK by plane for the first time and
    falling in love with the party side of the island. Such was the impact
    on him that he returned every other year since. It wasn’t until 1996
    that he first explored the island fully, and from that moment on was
    completely hooked. When his family decided that it was time to leave
    England, there was only one place they were going to end up.

    Originally from Leeds, George has settled into Ibiza effortlessly, the
    island inspires him creatively and he enjoys a Wax Da Jam residency in
    Aura Tuesday nights and presents regularly on Sonica radio. Defying
    genre tags, NOW delivers a unique sound that draws from numerous musical
    influences and a sound, which has seen George travel the world playing
    to appreciative music lovers. George is a deeply grounded individual who
    doesn’t court fame and fortune but someone that clearly loves what he
    does and where he does it, and who deals with everything else that comes
    with it with E.A.S.E!