Lenny Ibizarre – Ibiza DJ – Profile

    Lenny first landed on Ibiza as an 18 year old and in his own words met
    a drop-dead gorgeous girl and we fell in love as she unfolded the island
    for me. I was in total teenage sugar pop XTC for two weeks solid! He
    was meant to stay for a couple of weeks in 1995 and hasn’t left the
    island since, making his home in the north of the island.

    Lenny is a prominent Ibiza figure, hosting his show on Sonica Radio as
    well as playing out across the island at private parties, not to mention
    numerous invitations to take his eclectic musical taste on the road

    Ibizarre Records was founded in 1996 on the island and has become more a
    way of life than anything else, escapism from the toils of the modern
    world. More recently it launched its Digital Creativity Seminars,
    covering everything from history, to the use of digital production
    software such as Ableton and Logic, to name only two. More information
    on the seminars and all things Ibizarre can be found on the website