Elio Riso – Ibiza DJ – Profile

    Elio Riso is of Italian Argentinian descent and as you can imagine,
    given that combination, he has a passion for live and in particular for
    music. Whether in the studio, behind the decks or listening to music,
    Elio is never happier than with his headphones on!

    He made his debut in Ibiza 12 years ago, appearing in Space for ‘Angel
    Of Love’, when Space used to open in the morning. Over the course of the
    last twelve years he has been a frequent visitor to the island, playing
    in many of the top venues for world famous brands, resulting in a
    residency in his beloved Space.

    He is a popular member of the Ibiza dance community and can been seen on
    numerous cool line up’s throughout the summer, his ability to deliver a
    musical journey added to his infectious personality make him an
    outstanding Ibiza DJ.