Dj Pippi – Ibiza DJ – Profile

    Real name Giuseppe Nuzzo, you know him better as DJ Pippi, one on
    Ibiza’s true legends and we don’t use the term loosely. His name is
    synonymous with much of the positive elements of the island and his DJ
    sets are many and varied but with one thing in common, quality.

    Pippi left his native southern Italy believing he would be limited in
    opportunity in his home country, and headed to the north of Europe,
    initially to Switzerland before landing in Germany where he ran a record
    shop before taking up his now familiar position behind the decks in 1976
    for the first time.

    On the advice of some friends who had recently discovered the island,
    Pippi first landed on Ibiza in 1979 and was immediately smitten. He
    would visit the island almost every weekend, handing out tapes of his DJ
    mixes and dreaming of a residency in ‘Pacha’, a dream he would realise
    in 1984. He would play in the club between 1984 and 1987, leaving when
    he signed a contract to work in popular disco ‘Ku’, nowadays known as
    Privilege. He did return to play Pacha again in1991 and can still be
    found there on special occasions.

    Pippi has become one of the best-known Ibiza DJs, popular at venues
    around the island during the season and is a regular member of the
    international circuit out of season.