Clara Da Costa – Ibiza DJ – Profile

It’s the start of the nineties and Channel 4 has just dropped the
seminal Ibiza documentary ‘A Short Film About Chillin’ and 13 year old
Clara Da Costa, who has holidayed on the island for the past two years,
decides she will make Ibiza her home one day. Two years later, she has
run away from home and secured her first Ibiza residency, in Es Paradis.

Securing an Ibiza residency at the age of 15 is not a normal occurrence,
but then this is not a normal individual. By 17 Clara was creative
director of the club resulting in the likes of Clockwork Orange and Up
Yer Ronson making the club their home.

She remained with the club for a decade, playing alongside many of the
world’s finest DJs as well as accepting numerous bookings for private
parties for the likes of David Beckham. After a short stint in Barcelona
where she honed her A&R skills and became a singer songwriter for
celebrated label Blanco y Negro, Clara returned to Ibiza and her first
love, DJing.

In 2009 Clara became part of the Ibiza Global Radio team, adding
presenting to an already long list of talents. More recently she has
joined Sonica radio and presents the ‘Jacks House’ show on a Friday
evening between 21.00-22.00 Spanish time (20.00 – 21.00 GMT).

The determined 15 year old who ran away from home and choose to make a
life for herself on the island of Ibiza would no doubt be proud of her
numerous achievements to date. What’s next for Clara Da Costa? Watch
this space!