Andy Carroll – Ibiza DJ – Profile

Andy Carroll first started DJing in and around Liverpool in the early
eighties, his passion for music and appetite for several genres, not to
mention an ability behind the hallowed turntables is the reason he is as
popular and relevant today.

In his early days Andy played alongside numerous up and coming bands,
including PigBag, The Icicle Works and Teardrop Explodes, delivering an
eclectic mix of Roxy Music/ Bowie/ T-Rex combined with punk/ new wave/
new romantic and goth. His unique understanding of music, no matter
where it rots were, made him one of the UK’s most popular DJs. His
ability to effortlessly mix genres is something that still sets him
apart from many of his peers today. Whilst ‘Balearic’ was sweeping the
trendier clubs in the south, Andy’s philosophy of playing good music
was making quite a name for himself in the north; along with DJ partner
at the time Mike Knowler he would integrate popular city anthems of the
time with Francoise K remixes of The Smiths and obscure dubs of New

Andy would meet and befriend James Barton and Darren Hughes on his
travels and between them they would prove instrumental in the evolution
of clubbing in the city of Liverpool as well as being responsible for
the birth of one of the world’s biggest clubbing brands, Cream. Andy was
resident at the super-club but left before it grew into two rooms before
going on to become one of the world’s most recognisable clubbing brands.

Andy Carroll has played on some of the world’s biggest clubs, travelled
extensively with his music under his arm and remains an integral part of
the global scene, almost three decades on. He is no stranger to Ibiza
and has played at many of the seminal nights throughout its short
clubbing history. More recently residencies at ‘We Love’ in Space and
for Ibiza Rocks see him delivering genre-crossing sets to a whole new
legion of fans.