60 Seconds with Nic Fanciulli – Ibiza DJ

    Saved Records has been responsible for showcasing numerous new talent,
    what do you look for in a potential signing?

    I think it’s important that the music does the majority of the talking.
    Exciting, different records really get us excited at Saved, so I think
    these are the main things I look for.

    You’ve spent a great deal of time in the US recently, how has their scene
    evolved in recent times?

    The US scene is really starting to take off. When I first started playing
    here it was mainly about hip hop, but now dance music is the main focus.

    Travelling the world is a staple in the top DJs diet, does Ibiza still
    compare favourably?

    Ibiza is still the home of dance music for me!

    What is it about Ibiza that makes it so special?

    It’s the one place that people go to enjoy the same thing and forget about
    the problems for that week.

    Does Ibiza still play a role in breaking a new tune?

    I think the Ibiza summer season is the most exciting time for new music as
    every artists wants their record played to the biggest audience.

    How important is Ibiza to the building of a global club brand?

    I think it’s really important. Ibiza is the Mecca of dance music and in
    order to set up a really successful global clubbing brand it’s important
    to have a presence in Ibiza – be that through a cub night, residency, or
    just being out there and part of the scene.

    Describe your first Ibiza experience?

    Club 18-30 holiday – not the best start for me.

    Away from the club how do you relax on the island?

    I go to my favourite place to eat which is Yemanja in Cala Jondal.

    Which is your favourite beach?

    Talamanca as it’s normally close to the hotel I stay at, plus it has some
    great places to eat.

    What are you listening too chilling on the beach?

    Anything produced by Jaimie XX.

    You’ve got a night off, where do you head for food?

    I love Pizza so I would have to say il Giardino near the Botafoch marina.

    Name three essential items needed to survive your Ibiza trip?

    Passport – Money – Hotel.

    What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen/experienced on the island?

    I have no idea it all rolls into one at one point.