60 Seconds with Graham Sahara – Ibiza DJ

    With residencies in Pacha and KM5 as well as a show on Global Radio,
    Graham Sahara is an integral part of Ibiza in the summer. His ability to
    adapt to whichever floor he is playing has seen him become the master of
    the compilation album, compiling soundtracks for numerous high profile

    What is it about Ibiza that makes it so special?

    It’s a beautiful island first and foremost. With its amazing views,
    beaches and lovely cosmopolitan people all over the island mixed in with
    a chilled out atmosphere, what could be better?

    Does Ibiza still play a role in breaking a new tune?

    Yes it does, people ask what the big tune of Ibiza is, as people know
    here is the Mecca of electronic music and what is played here is soon
    played the whole world over.

    How important is Ibiza to the building of a global club brand?

    It’s very important because if you can make it here you can make it
    anywhere! Competition is so fierce here between club brands, nights and
    DJs as everyone wants to to do things here so if you can make it here
    and do well, you’ll be able to export that all over the place.

    Describe your first Ibiza experience?

    Absolutely nuts and full on!

    Away from the club how do you relax on the island?

    With my missus and the kids doing the family vibe!

    Which is your favourite beach?

    Cala San Vincente, because it’s miles away from the parties and it’s
    nice to relax there without loads of other people.

    What are you listening too chilling on the beach?

    The sound of mother nature.

    You’ve got a night off, where do you head for food?

    Either Can Mario if it’s a Tuesday or Friday for their all you can eat
    Argentinian steak buffet deal or Km5.

    Name three essential items needed to survive your Ibiza trip?

    The power to be able to expect the unexpected, suncream and water.

    What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen/experienced on the island?

    There have been so many it’s unreal but one that sticks in my mind was
    DJing in Bora Bora in 2000 and some guy saying nothing to me but
    throwing many many 10000pts (50euro) notes on to the decks whilst i
    played. I returned them several times to him until they just went
    straight into the pocket…. result!