60 Seconds with Dj Samir – Ibiza DJ

    DJ Samir has been DJing professionally for the last 15 years and has
    become one of the most in demand DJ’s on the international private party
    and events circuit, where he regularly plays to some of the most prolific
    people in the world of fashion, film, and music.

    What is it about Ibiza that makes it so special?

    She is monumental, just like the Mona Lisa beauty and the beast!

    Does Ibiza still play a role in breaking a new tune?

    Yes, it’s a lot easier to spread a buzz where the concentration of music
    lovers and tastemakers is so high.

    How important is Ibiza to the building of a global club brand?

    It’s as important as you want it to be.

    Describe your first Ibiza experience?

    Arriving with Gusto (Disco Revenge -NYC) and Stephen Granville (Singer),
    three Ibiza virgins arriving to perform at the very first club night of
    the then El Divino restaurant. The night was called ‘Beautiful’ and turned
    out to be a nightmare!

    Away from the club how do you relax on the island?

    Yoga and a bike ride to Salinas.

    Which is your favourite beach?

    Punta Galera, because it is completely undeveloped and doesn’t try to cash
    in on the spectacular sunsets, like other beaches.

    What are you listening too chilling on the beach?

    The air, the sea and stillness!

    You’ve got a night off, where do you head for food?

    Cas Pages, San Carlos for suckling pig and wine, a sense of what the food
    was like centuries ago in Ibiza, unbelievable!

    Name three essential items needed to survive your Ibiza trip?

    Underwear with your contact details and a spare tenner (EU10) stitched in,
    for emergencies (your going to lose everything else!), the radio frequency
    for Radio Sonica 95.2FM, and on a more serious note, a bunch of good
    friends to enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

    What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen/experienced on the island?

    Being dragged out of Space to go spear fishing in the pitch black with a
    torch, and a bottle of cheap whiskey at 2am on an August night at Salinas
    salt flats. It’s the only time when the flats are opened to allow the sea
    to come in and with it the fresh fish. The amazing thing is, we caught a
    fish, and ate it!