60 Seconds with Andy Baxter – Ibiza DJ

    Andy Baxter is a year round resident in Pacha, plays We Love Space every
    Sunday during the summer, can be found behind the decks in Cafe Mambo
    and is a popular DJ at many of the island’s exclusive private parties.

    What is it about Ibiza that makes it so special?

    Her diverse beauty and amazing international community.

    Does Ibiza still play a role in breaking a new tune?

    Big time! It’s still the Mecca of dance music for four months of the
    year and it’s usually the following winter around the world when you’ll
    hear those same big tunes from the Ibiza summer being played over and

    How important is Ibiza to the building of a global club brand?

    Very. People – myself included – need fresh ideas every year, and enjoy
    new things. Ibiza is a good example of somewhere you can break new
    things, ideas and brands because you have a targeted audience – they
    want what you’ve got. If it’s received well, you can then take it out to
    the rest of the world.

    Describe your first Ibiza experience?

    Bank-breaking! It was very memorable and inspiring – a two-week
    rollercoaster Ibiza tourist clubbing holiday. What stood out was the
    magnitude of these clubs and brands in such a small place, doing amazing

    Away from the club how do you relax on the island?

    Discovering new places – there’s still loads I haven’t seen on the
    island even after eight years.

    Which is your favourite beach?

    Sa Caleta. It’s a proper escape, without doing too many miles!

    What are you listening too chilling on the beach?

    Nicolas Jaar, Giles Peterson and the freshest podcast of the week from
    Resident Advisor.

    You’ve got a night off, where do you head for food?

    Ancient People for a curry, Es Caliu for Ox steak or El Giardinetto for
    pizza and pasta.

    Name three essential items needed to survive your Ibiza trip?

    Gift of the guest list gab, the ability to sniff out an after party and
    all-night-long endurance!

    What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen/experienced on the island?

    It all moulds into one continuous strange experience!