Sleep When Youre Dead Boat Party Ibiza – Sleep When Youre Dead Boat Party Ibiza Overview – Ibiza Boat Party

Sleep When Your Dead and Voodoo Ibiza collaborate to bring you the SWYD
boat party this summer and it does exactly what it says on the tin. This
is not a smooth cruise to soak up the sunset, this is a high energy, no
holds barred thrill ride, not for the feint hearted! The fact that it
features Pritchard from MTV’s Dirty Sanchez should give you some idea of
the antics that will go on before, during and after the sailing. If you’ve
never heard of Dirty Sanchez than maybe this one isn’t for you, stick to
hiring a pedallo!

SWYD set sail for the first time on June 13 and every Wednesday thereafter
throughout the summer. The day begins at 12 noon in Kanya, where Pritchard
and some of his celebrity mates will keep you entertained with some of
their crazy antics, getting you set up for the forthcoming bat party. From
then the fun heads to Linekers for more pre-sailing craziness! With a boat
slogan of �#rockthefuc*ingboat�, there is no doubt that this is THE boat
party to satisfy the appetite of the maddest of the islands party animas.

Sleep When Youre Dead Boat Party Ibiza
Meet at Kanya, San Antonio