El Barco De Fiesta

    The Ibiza boat party has evolved dramatically over the years, from the early days of the booze cruise to the more sophisticated collaborations with some of Ibiza’s bigger club brands nowadays and the ability to call on far more luxurious vessels on which to host them. Recent years have seen the introduction of some stunning catamaran’s to the Ibiza boat party scene. Ibiza 2014 sees that evolution taken a step further as El Barco De Fiesta announces a series of six exclusive VIP parties on board a 37 metre luxury super yacht, effectively taking you into the most exclusive VIP surroundings on the island and then casting off, leaving everyone else behind. The nighttime sailing, leaving at 11pm and returning at 4am, also offers a unique Mediterranean adventure as this party takes a giant leap in VIP boat party clubbing, raising the bar to dizzy new heights. Sunday June 29 is the launch date and the first party is not one to be missed. Heroes of House Ibiza Legends party, hosted by Tommy Mack and featuring Jeremy Healy, Allister Whitehead, Danny Rampling, Graham Park, Alex P & Brandon Block and Ken Fan.