Ibiza Boat Party

The Ibiza Boat party has become a must have experience for any clubber heading to Ibiza, whether they are seasoned travellers to the island or finally breaking that Ibiza duck. The last decade has seen the boat party evolve from something that was sold to young tourists by their holiday reps to something that genuinely gives the famous clubs a run for their money. What has happened to the Ibiza boat party to turn it from a booze fuelled day with games on the beach to a clubbing experience that will stay with you long after your tan has faded?

The operators that run the Ibiza boat parties these days are clubbers at heart, they value a great clubbing experience and believe that just because you are a mile out to sea this should still be a priority, even more so, they embrace the unique opportunity that the boat offers to create memorable parties. Add to that the fact that many of these parties have tie ins with bigger club brands on the island, making sure the party doesnt stop the minute you dock on dry land and you have the perfect day and night out, all for the price of one ticket! So, who are these Boat party people and which boat should you choose? Read on below the boat party ticket listings on this page and we will help you make the right decision.