Ibiza Boat Charter

There is no doubt that Ibiza is most famous as being the clubbing capital of the world, the small Balearic island can rightfully claim a huge influence on the electronic dance scene, especially during the summer season where it becomes the focal point of the electronic dance world. It is, however an island just the same – 41km by 27km – you are never more than 20mins from a Marina, wherever you are. From Santa Eulalia in the North East to Marina’s Botafoc and Nueve opposite Ibiza Town and San Antonio, boats play a huge part in island life. From the daily fishing boats out catching the fresh fish that adorn the tables of the restaurants around the island to the charter boats that offer a unique experience for tourists and anyone that fancies getting out onto the open sea. No matter what kind of sailing experience you are looking to have, Ibiza offers it and, more often than not, with a little twist that makes it unique to our beautiful island.

Heading out of Santa Eulalia or Marina’s Botafoc or Nueve, one of the most popular destinations when heading out of Ibiza on a boat is Formentera, the smaller of the two islands that, along with Ibiza makes up the Pitiusas islands. It’s the perfect destination for a day trip, the journey over and back lets the captain engage the throttle and get up a head of steam, which makes for an exciting experience on the boat. Once there, Formentera offers a variety of fun activities, not least mooring alongside the super yachts of the rich and famous, footballers, racing drivers and Middle Eastern Sheiks are not uncommon off the coast of this stunning island. The sea is a crystal clear blue / green colour making it perfect for those that want to explore the underwater world; you can swim or snorkel from the comfort of your boat. When you have worked up an appetite, head ashore as there are three amazing restaurants waiting for you, depending on your taste and budget. El Pirata is famous for its fish while El Tiburon has a more varied menu that includes meat and duck. The most famous of them all, however, is Juan y Andrea, an expensive option but a special meal that you are unlikely to forget. While on Formentera, check out the mud baths of Espalmador, nothing says I’m on holiday more than rolling about in mud! Hang about for the sunset, it is one of the most striking in the region and the perfect send off as you hop on board your boat and head home, having enjoyed one of the best days of your life, never mind your holiday!