Tanit Beach Ibiza

    Tanit Beach Ibiza opened its doors for the first time at the start of
    Ibiza 2015 and the Goddess of love clearly had a presence as the island
    turned out to welcome the latest exciting concept from the Nassau Ibiza
    group. Tanit has had a significant influence on Ibiza throughout its
    history; her message of love and fertility has shaped the island’s path
    throughout the centuries from the early Roman invaders to the hippies,
    invaders of a completely different kind in the 60s and 70s and can still
    be found today, through the tolerant and accepting attitude of the
    locals. Tanit is set to make an impression on Ibiza going forward now,
    as she watches over the latest stylish beach addition to Playa d’en

    The Tanit reference is hard to miss, from the wall that faces you as you
    enter the beach restaurant, to the back of the staff uniforms and the
    giant bust of the Goddess that sits regally in the corner. Tanit Beach
    Ibiza is a beautiful new addition to the island beach offering, from the
    stunning piece in the centre of the entrance to the unique designer
    lighting, it is a picture of class and elegance. Tanit Beach Ibiza
    offers the same quality that is evident throughout the Nassau group, a
    relaxing, comfortable beach experience, with chic interior design, laid
    back vibe and delicious food and drinks menu. The music is chilled
    lounge and makes for a great spot to unwind and soak up the sun but on
    the occassion it collaborates with some of the most exciting party
    concepts, it offers a vibrant day and night chance to dance with sand
    between your toes.