Jockey Club Ibiza

    Salinas is one of Ibiza’s best-known beaches, originally favoured by the international jet set and those in the know but now becoming much more of a family friendly resort; it still, however, enjoys a unique level of coolness. An integral part of Salinas cool is the scattering of exclusive beach resorts situated on it and one such club, that is the epitome of the warm and welcoming attitude on the beach is Jockey Club. The infamous prancing horse welcomes all comers offering a family friendly, professional service with more than a hint of style.

    Club owner Oliver Lanzoni is very much hands on, you will find him there six days a week, twelve hours a day looking after his customers, looking out for his staff and generally sharing his passion for his restaurant, a passion that is evident throughout the establishment. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon, eating good food, drinking fine wine and enjoying great hospitality.

    The restaurant offers delicious breakfasts from 9am until 1pm, no matter how you take your eggs they have you covered or, if you prefer, simply jam and toast, washed down with some great coffee, the perfect start to your day. Lunch and dinner is then served from 1pm until 9pm with an excellent selection of meat, fish, pasta, salads and pizza all complimented with what has to be the best wine and champagne selection on the beach – we say start with Andalusian Calamari (€19) followed by the Jockey pizza with pineapple, mango and salmon (€17) finished with moist banana cake (€9.5) and then why not push the boat out by complimenting all of this with the vintage Dom Perignon at a cool €175!

    If escaping the rays of the sun is not what you are looking for then make camp in front of the Jockey club where they have a huge number of beach beds and parasols for hire, they don’t take bookings though, so make sure you get there early.

    You can enjoy the full restaurant service to your bed and for those of you arriving by sea, they also offer a boat transfer service.

    If you stroll to the back of Jockey you can find a number of shops selling branded clothes as well as cute jewellery and dresses.

    There is a DJ playing from 3pm until 8pm and when you leave you don’t need to completely forget all those relaxing sounds as Jockey Club produce at least one CD every year. This year look out for the Sessions 7 Album.