Ibiza Rocks Bar

    Michael Griffiths is one of the cogs in the impressive Ibiza Rocks machine, he runs the Ibiza Rocks Bar in San Antonio and if you are lucky enough to be on the guest list he is your point of contact at the entrance. Essentialibiza spent a great deal of time at Ibiza Rocks in 2011, it’s fair to say it was one of our favourite parties, Griff invited the crew down to the bar to check out the operation and grab some dinner.

    Ibiza Rocks Bar is an extension of Ibiza Rocks, everyone knows what they are meant to be doing, are competent doing it and have a smile on their face. Being simple types, photographer Nic And I opt for the steak and burger and being conscientious politely refuse the offer of free cocktails (ok so hung over might be a better way of wording it but lets not fall out over the details!) The bar isn’t too busy as it is that time of night where daytime passes the baton to night time but the atmosphere is cool and we are made to feel at home. The food arrives and not only is it an ample helping, it’s delicious, American bar dinning at its finest.