Cafe Mambo Ibiza – Cafe Mambo Evening – Cafe Mambo Sunset

Cafe Mambo Evening

Caf� Mambo on sunset strip in San Antonio is famous for a number of
reasons, the location offers a unique Ibiza sunset experience, the bar
serves delicious cocktails, the food is good, no matter what time of the
day you need to eat but, on the clubbing capital, perhaps the thing that
has made it so popular is the pre-parties. Mambo has witnessed some very
special moments during her time, featuring many of the world’s finest DJs.

After the sun goes down, the Mambo DJs kick the tempo up for the dramatic
sunset sound track to a warm up for whichever pre-party happens to be
stopping by that night. Mambo offers a place to get up close and personal
with your favourite DJ, whether it be Roger Sanchez, Morillo, Guetta or
the Sewdish House Mafia, there is nowhere in the world where you can get
so close to these superstar DJs as they warm up for their own club parties
later that night.

The rule of thumb has always been whatever the party in Pacha that night
that will be the pre-party at Mambo. For seasoned Ibiza campaigners that
is a given, something that has been there as long as they have been
travelling to the island and something that perhaps they take a bit for
granted. But to witness the faces of those that are finding mambo for the
first time, when their favourite DJ takes to the decks less then 10 yards
from where they are standing, goes a long way to understanding the
phenomenon that is Caf� Mambo.

Over the years Ibiza has become famous for delivering special moments,
unique to the clubbing capital, where things happen that are so unexpected
and pure that they can change your perception of music. Pete Tong
regularly contributed to these Ibiza moments, when he hosted his Radio 1
Essential show from the identical studio to his studio in London, built
upstairs in Mambo. Jamie Cullum playing ‘You’ve Got The Love’ at sunset
for example. Carl Cox recently appeared with the Brand New Heavies live at
Mambo. These things are all made possible through the forward thinking of
the guys behind the bar and the willingness of the loyal customers to
trust and buy into whatever they present.

Caf� Mambo enjoys legendary status throughout the world and once you spend
a day and night in the place, you will understand why.