Cafe Del Mar

    Few places hold the global lure and legendary status of Cafe del Mar and what’s more, it has retained it for well over three decades. A corner of heaven overlooking the sea with divine music and a sunset view, it is a symbol of the Ibiza par excellence, a core landmark, and one the hottest sunset spots on the island. Also as an independent record label, its music compilations have achieved fabled standing, both for those who want to remember their visit and for those who long to go. Tantamount to stellar chill out, Cafe del Mar is the ultimate venue for any Ibiza trip, a place guaranteed to leave a mark that remains within forever.

    Just in time for the summer solstice of 1980, Cafe del Mar opened its doors for the first time and began sound tracking the sunset. Soon a hotspot for bohemians, intellectuals and writers by the end of the 80s, it was discovered by tourists and clubbers as well, who were drawn by its distinctive music. Conceived by Ramon Guiral, Carlos Andrea and Jose Les, the cafe played a mix of pop, rock, classical, and ambient, a virtually unknown genre at the time. This winning combination of genres generated great attraction, playing its part in creating a new style known as Balearic.

    More recently, Cafe Del Mar remains a Bastian of cutting edge music, with numerous collaborations throughout the summer, it plays host to pre-parties after soundtracking the world class sunset. The new, elevated addition to the original venue is the perfect place to soak up the sun, enjoy a delicious meal, a cocktail or three and witness the sun disappearing. For those of you that enjoy some retail therapy, the boutique offers some stylish beach wear as well as some famous branded merchandise to remember your visit.