A Guide to Art, Galleries and Artists on Ibiza

Ibiza is blessed with more than its fair share of creative souls, there
is magic about the island that has drawn artists to her for decades,
providing a unique atmosphere for them to flourish, offering inspiration
and embracing their talent. Ibiza is known for its tolerance, it’s an
environment that encourages expression and it’s a major factor in the
globally influential art scene that has thrived over the years. From the
traditional artisans working with leather to create that stunning one
off handbag to the innovative painters, creating thought provoking
pieces that hang on walls all over the world, Ibiza can be proud of its
artistic heritage.

The island not only provides a home to this bohemian movement, it also
embraces their output through a number of events across the year. From a
simple gallery showing in a popular restaurant to a custom delivered
art, music and fashion event in the heart of the countryside, Ibiza is
proud of its artistic inhabitants and is never slow to exhibit their
talent. At Essentialibiza we are privileged to cover many of these
occasions, to witness some of the breathtaking results of the talent and
to speak with many of the people responsible for adding colour to life
through their passion and ability. The Ibiza art platform is a home for
the talented and creative souls that add yet another layer of beauty to
Ibiza, it is our undertaking to bring as many of them to your attention
as possible over the coming years…