The Zoo Project

    The biggest switch in the clubbing activity on Ibiza in the last few years has been the re-emergence of the outdoor party. Everywhere you look now there is a day time party, and you cannot beat that feeling when the drops, when daylight gradually slips away and gives in to night and the subsequent pulse it creates throughout the crowd, boosting the atmosphere and setting the party up for the grand finale under the stars. Ibiza has been built on partying under the sun and the stars and it’s no shock to see it embrace the phenomenon once again. One party that has been celebrating the outdoor party longer than most is Zoo Project, quietly going about its business in Gala Night Park, the old zoo to you and me, where thousands of clubbers have embraced their inner animal in recent years and enjoyed some of the best parties the island has to offer.

    Zoo Project has become a rite of passage for new clubbers hitting the island for the first time. They have a plan of the things they want to do and experience, having listened to stories from elder relatives and friends upon their return form the white isle. One of the first names on the list is Zoo, the option of getting painted for the day has been a massive success with Ibiza younger party tribe, encouraging them to leave inhibitions at the door, take on the persona of their chosen animal and listen to some of the finest underground DJs in the surroundings that was once an actual zoo! Gala Night Park offers an amazing location for an outdoor party, the lay out provides numerous possibilities for musical theatre, the DJs are not those who seek their names in flashing neon lights, instead they go about their business dropping electronic nuggets on a crowd that is more than happy to respond. This isn’t a party where the DJ gets asked for requests, this is one where the crowd is educated and trusts the protagonist to take them on a musical journey. Ibiza 2017 sees the popular outdoor party add Tuesday nights into the mix, giving its loyal fan base two chances to enjoy its unique atmosphere every week