Swag Ibiza

    Swag Ibiza has proved a popular choice for those travelling to the clubbing capital that want something slightly different. Yes, Ibiza is the capital of the global club scene and the very best DJs and producers from all over the world descend on the Balearic beauty for a season of amazing parties, but, there are tourists on the island that prefer a different beat and that’s where Swag comes in. Offering an urban soundtrack throughout the summer and featuring some of the best DJs of that genre, it has become a destination for fans across the island to escae the four-four beat for the night and enjoy the hottest Latin rhythms, mash up his and biggest urban track of the year.

    The low ceiling gives the club an intimate and electric atmosphere and the VIP experience has welcomed celebrities from both music and sports, as well as a wave of clubbers keen to make the most out of their party. The VIP are offers privacy, security and a personal treatment that will make you feel at home from the minute you step into the room. Prices range from 100 to 500 euros per person, depending on the level and Zone. The WHITE ZONE is the most popular and features seven small tables that host up to three guests and there are five large tables for bigger groups. The SILVER ZONE is more spacious, ideal for groups that want to create their own party within the club. It’s the area closest to the DJ booth so you really feel like party of the party. The benefits of going VIP at Swag are numerus and include fast access to the club, perfect for those busy nights when the queue stretches out in front of the door; your personal VIP waiter taking care of all your needs, welcome drinks and appetisers, WIFI access so you can share your experience with the outside world, VIP bathrooms, private security, transfers and shishas.