60 Seconds with Moda – Wonderland

    Jaymo and Andy George are the minds behind fast rising UK club brand
    Moda; recently recruited to Radio 1, the brand makes its Ibiza debut in
    room two of Wonderland. With an exciting summer ahead of them, Essential
    Ibiza grabbed a minute with the duo�

    What makes Ibiza the clubbing Mecca that it is?

    We’ve been in love with Ibiza since our first trip a few years ago.
    After a few visits it becomes a home away from home, which means the
    vibe is amazing. People travel from all over the world, all for a love
    of music and clubbing. So when people finally get into the club they
    totally wile out! All the different types of dance music, from all over
    the world, all in one small island, what could be better?

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve witnessed or been a part of on the

    Oh, wow, where do we begin? There have been loads of times we’ve been at
    clubs and big name DJs have played unannounced sets, which is the beauty
    of Ibiza. But watching P Diddy swagger around DC10 was pretty funny!

    What’s your first memory of the island?

    It’s got to be when you first get to the airport; the hot sun beaming
    down, that distinct smell. As soon as you step off the plane you get a
    tingle and you instantly get excited, just brings back all the memories
    and gets you all excited!

    What’s your favourite restaurant?

    That’s the other great thing about Ibiza; there are so many great places
    to eat. Atzaro is amazing, like many of the best restaurants on the
    Island it’s tucked away in the middle of nowhere – after driving over to
    Santa Eulailia, then down a dusty old track, you are presented with this
    lush green Japanese garden setting, which totally takes you by surprise.
    And obviously the food is incredible!

    What are your top three must have items when travelling to Ibiza?

    1. Music (obviously!)
    2. Driving license (many of Ibiza’s best parts are super hidden, you
    need to be able to get around!)
    3. Laptop (ok, so I know its all about letting loose, but seriously, we
    start itching if we are separated to too long!)

    What’s you’re favourite beach?

    Well, its not technically in Ibiza, but Playa Migjorn on Formetera is
    amazing. But then all the beaches on Formetera are incredible; it’s such
    a beautiful island, with the bluest waters. Such a tranquil place, the
    perfect anecdote to a long night clubbing!

    What’s on your mp3 player when you’re chilling at the beach?

    This year I can see things like the new Air, Four Tet, Massive Attack
    and Elbow album getting some serious rotation!

    How do you keep your sanity playing on the island for the summer?

    I think when you’re there all summer long you don’t feel the need to go
    crazy all the time – because there’s always next week! As with anything
    in life, it’s all about balance. Once you learn that, there’s so much
    more to Ibiza than JUST clubbing, you soon find other distractions.