Jo Mills – 60 Seconds with Jo Mills – Jo Mills Ibiza DJ – Jo Mills Interview

Jo Mills is an integral part of Ibiza; it’s the place she now calls home,
she has recently been married on the island and more recently gave birth
to her first baby, son Raffy. She is one of the island’s most popular
resident DJs, regularly charming capacity crowds wherever she plays; with
a switch to the Wonderland main room on the cards for this summer,
Essential Ibiza caught up with her to talk Ibiza 2010.

Having hosted the backroom previously, how much are you looking forward to
appearing in the Wonderland main room this season?

Hosting my own room for the last two years has been great but its now time
to move to the main room! I’m really looking forward to it, it’s a great
venue to play in as the sounds system is fantastic and the DJ booth is
placed where you can interact with the crowd and get a good atmosphere
going. We have some brilliant guest DJs this year, who I am looking
forward to playing with. As well as the main event on Fridays, we will be
holding monthly Wonderland beach parties at Sands, Playa den Bossa
throughout the summer, along with Pete and the residents, we will have
Wonderland guest DJs, performers and a lot more.

What makes the Wonderland party so special?

Pete Tong is one of clublands biggest players, so to have him at the helm
of with a host of strong residents is a solid foundation! The guest DJs
and acts are across the board, which keeps the night fresh and
interesting. Lady Ga Ga, for instance, was fantastic last year and there
were plenty more unforgettable performances from DJs and artists alike.
The production and visuals are outstanding and keep the hole experience
very theatrical, with trapeze artists, stunning dancers and gorgeous women
straddling huge disco balls!!

What makes Ibiza the perfect place to party?

Ibiza is about having a good time, always has been! The effort and
production put into the clubs here is second to none, it’s a big
experience for the senses going to any of them and partying to the small
hours! You will find credible DJs from all over the planet here, it’s the
pinnacle place for any DJ worth their salt to play.

What’s your favourite part of living in Ibiza?

Waking up to sunshine! We live in Santa Gertrudis, which we love,
surrounded by the campo but still only 10-15 minutes from the most
stunning beaches. I love the way everyone lives so peacefully here from
all walks of life, everyone is accepted, no matter how crazy they may look
or how old they are! It’s a great place to bring up our son Raffy who was
born here in December, you really feel safe in Ibiza.

What’s the island like when all the tourists have gone home?

It’s like we get the island back! There’s a close knit community here but
in the summer we hardly spend any time together so October is special as
the weather is beautiful and we can make time to see our friends. Ibiza is
a beautiful island in the winter months, at Christmas the whole town is
transformed, it’s so magical, the lights are better than Oxford Street!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of moving to live and work
on the island?

To come here out of season, as early as January, to find somewhere to
live! There are so many people coming for the summer season now. Also if
you are just coming for the summer be prepared to work a 6/7 day week and
most of the day too, there’s no such thing as 9 to 5 in Ibiza!!! I would
advise anyone to live here its amazing.

When you’re not working where do you like to hang out?

We always spend a lot of time in Playa den Bossa, I am so glad it’s ‘the
new black’ as its a great beach, with fantastic new front line beach
venues such as Sands, Ushuia, Nassau amongst others, Bossa is not the
unsung hero it used to be! Of course we still maintain JDs is THE place to
be for Sunday roasts in Bossa, so that’s a weekly load up we do not miss!

What’s your Ibiza guilty pleasure?

Well I do love a spot of karaoke with my sister and nieces at Big Bens in
Playa den Bossa! It’s a right laugh!

Describe your perfect day on the island?

My perfect day would be breakfast with my boys (Chaz and Raffy) in Santa
Gertrudis then drive to the beautiful Benniras beach for a swim in the sea
and a siesta. In the afternoon I would drive to Atzaro hotel for lunch,
one of the most beautiful hotels on the island nestled in an orange grove.
I would then have a facial and massage in the Atzaro spa and relax
afterwards next to the beautiful pool on a big padded sun lounger. In the
evening I would go to All Saints and buy myself a new outfit, get dressed
up and head to Sa Cappella for a beautiful dinner with the boys. Perfect!

Wonderland every Friday @ Eden, San Antonio.