Solid Grooves – Solid Grooves at Privilege

    Solid Grooves

    SolidGrooves caught the attention when it announced it would be taking
    on Thursday night in Privilege’s underground space Vista Club. Having
    hosted numerous credible parties the previous summer, the more intimate
    room within the world’s largest club has proved itself a worthy
    participant in some of the island’s finest cutting edge gatherings.

    SolidGrooves has built a reputation on the back of some exciting
    parties, where the world’s best underground DJs regularly drop in to
    perform for its loyal crowd. Having cut its teeth on the hugely
    competitive London scene, where it has become the party of choice for
    educated clubbers that are have faith in SolidGrooves and its ability to
    challenge them musically. The move to Ibiza has been a smooth one, the
    party cementing its place at the top table of the clubbing capital
    through a summer line up that was meticulously planned and executed. The
    future is an exciting one for one of the hottest new party communities.