Shipsomnia – Shipsomnia at Shipsomnia

Shipsomnia has announced details of Europe’s first music and arts
festival cruise, taking place between June 14 – 18 2017. The brand new
chapter of the established luxury cruise festival boasts the ‘Tale Of
The Kraken’ theme, sets sail from Barcelona before heading to Ibiza,
S�te and back to Barcelona, a five day immersive vacation where the
legends of the sea come to life.

The Search For Lost Rhythms saw Shipsomnia burst on to the global scene
with a sold out floating themed festival, which travelled from Singapore
to a private island off Phuket. 2017 sees the floating phenomenon turn
its attention to Europe and a five day trip that incorporates the
world’s clubbing capital, the first of its kind to travel to the island.
Tale Of The Kraken promises to incorporate some of the biggest names of
the underground scene for a series of amazing parties on board the
luxury liner as well as a massive surprise sunset party in Ibiza itself.

Shipsomnia boasts a truly international following, with high
expectations of what their clubbing experience should entail; having
already proved its ability to exceed these expectations, June 14 – 18
promises to be a five day trip you cannot afford to miss. With endless
activities on board as well as excursions with artists, secret villa
parties, casinos and the now famous aquatic, carnival-like ‘Shipsomnia
Ball’, the chance to join in one of the most exciting parties of the
year is now upon you.